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Restoration and Custom Chrome
In addition to auto parts we do boats, motorcycles, home refinishing, interior finish and fixtures, hobbies, trophy refinish, retirement gifts/placards, vintage hardware and many other novelty items – give us a call!
  • ​​Exclusive Triple-Chrome Plating – Copper, Nickel and Chrome
  • Chrome-Plated Aluminum
  • Small Parts and Pot Metal – Polishing, Plating and Repair
  • Polishing Aluminum, Stainless Steel and Repair
  • Automotive, Motorcycle and Marine Show Chrome
  • Chrome-Plated Plastic
  • Aluminum Anodizing – Bright, Clear and Assorted Colors
  • Zinc Plating – Clear, Yellow, Blue, Black, Rainbow, and Gold
  • Satin-Nickel Finish
JB's Quality Metal Finishing, Inc.
is the only plating company you'll ever need.
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Information to Help Our Customers Better Understand the Chrome-Plating Process
  1. Receiving Inspection The first step is to determine what a customer wants done and to assess what it will take to do it. Metal can deteriorate and corrode to a point where restoration is impossible without outrageous expenses. We must first agree on a price and a level of quality.
  2. Stripping Parts are stripped to bare metal. All paint, dirt, oil, grease, rust, old plating and anything else must be removed.
  3. Polishing At any plating shop, the words “sand,” “grind” and “polish” all basically mean the same thing. Polishing is the abrasive removal of surface metal using a series of abrasive wheels and sanding belts. First, this process uses coarse cutting grinders, and later works down to soft cloth buffs. The end result is high-gloss polished metal with all pitting, scratches and any other impurities removed.
  4. Wiring and Racking Hooks, racks, copper wire and other methods are used to hold parts in the plating tanks, while providing an electrical contact to the parts.
  5. Cleaning Parts must be surgically clean before plating. The slightest speck of dirt, grease, oil, buffing compound, rust and so forth will cause a rejection. A series of soap, acid and water solutions are used to guarantee a spotless surface.
  6. Copper Plating and Buffing Parts are copper-plated and then buffed to a brilliant shine. Copper is an added layer of corrosion protection and also helps to fill in polishing lines and pits. Copper is very thin, but many layers of coppering and sanding can slowly build up surfaces. Copper can be used to level and fill much like a painter uses primer and block sanding.
  7. Wiring, Racking and Recleaning All the processes of steps four and five are now repeated.
  8. Nickel Plating Nickel provides the deep luster and protection needed for long-lasting chrome. Parts can stay in the nickel-plating tank for about an hour.
  9. Chrome Plating Chrome is a protective coating over the nickel. It prevents the nickel from tarnishing.
  10. Final Inspection Parts are cleaned and inspected. Some parts require minor buffing steps.

Things You Can Do To Make Your Trip To The Plating Shop Easier And Less Expensive

  1. Let’s Talk Call Us Or Stop In At The Beginning Of Your Project. If You Are Making Parts, We Can Make Suggestions As To Metal Thicknesses, Pre-Polishing And Finish Work You Can Do, Etc. We Can Talk About Costs And What Can And Cannot Be Done. We Can Talk Over What’s Available In Reproduction Parts And Do Some Cost Comparisons.
  2. Complete Disassembly Have all parts completely disassembled before coming in. All nuts, bolts, brackets, rubbers, wiring and so forth must be removed.
  3. Remember What Shows Mark what areas are exposed when reassembled. You do not want to pay to have the back or unexposed sides of parts polished.
  4. Bring Your Parts In As Clean as Possible Environmental restrictions have made all portions of the plating process very costly. The first step is to clean and strip each part to raw metal. Some people drag in parts that are covered in dirt, grease and gunk. We have to charge a hefty price just to clean them up. Bring your parts in as clean as you can.
  5. Make an Itemized List Bring in two copies of a neat, clear, accurate list of your job. We need it and if we have to draw it up, that is just a little more time that goes into your job. This does not seem like much, but remember, time is what any shop is selling you.
  6. Take Care of Your Parts You have a lot of your time and money invested in your plated or powder coated parts! Take good care of them, even if your project isn’t ready for them just yet. When they are finished, don’t let them sit around the plating shop. Plating shops have a wet, acidic environment, which is the worst place to store finished work. Many times, parts stay here for months. They get dirty, scratched and they deteriorate before they ever go back on a car. Come in and pick up your parts as soon as they are done.
  7. Keep Your Receipt It is your guarantee, and without it, you have none! If you have a problem later, we do not always remember everyone. We handle thousands of parts every week!
Keep your parts clean and waxed at all times. Chrome cannot be ignored and let go for a long period of time, then be expected to polish up to its original condition again. The “big annual cleanup” will never replace regular cleaning and waxing maintenance.
Use only a top-quality car wax, and invest in some good, clean polishing cloths. Rubbing compounds and chrome cleaners have an abrasive in them which put fine scratches in new chrome.

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